1st X-04 Drop Grenadiers

The First X-04 Drop Grenadiers are a heavy drop trooper regiment specializing in void operations. Known for their nearly-ubiquitous grenade launchers, the Guardsmen of the 1st X-04 also sport high-quality carapace armor.


The regiment is organized into eighteen similar companies, each individually capable of limited operations behind enemy lines with its organic complement of grenades, mortars, missile launchers, and heavy stubbers. Additionally, a limited supply of heavier weapons and equipment is retained at the regimental level for assignment as necessary, including thirty-eight drop-capable light armored vehicles.

Regimental Command
Colonel Cedrick Ridgley, commander
Major Finn, regimental second in command
Command, signals, and logistical staff
Adeptus Ministorum liaison
Departmento Munitorum staff
Imperial Navy liaison & coordination staff
Commissariat attaché

Regimental Motor Pool
26 Tauros scout cars
12 Accatran-pattern Sentinel armored walkers
Adeptus Mechanicus contingent

Regimental Weapons Pool
12 lascannons
12 autocannons
6 heavy bolters

1st Battalion
Alpha Company
Beta Company
Gamma Company
Delta Company

2nd Battalion
Epsilon Company
Zeta Company
Eta Company
Theta Company

3rd Battalion
Iota Company
Kappa Company
Lambda Company
Mu Company
Nu Company

4th Battalion
Xi Company
Omicron Company
Pi Company
Rho Company
Sigma Company

1st X-04 Drop Grenadiers

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