Total Escape - Only War

Brief History of the men of the X-04 Drop Grenadiers

Sergeant Stubbs’ squad, of 2nd Platoon, Sigma Company, 1st X-04 Drop Grenadiers was notable during the regiment’s deployment against a xenos threat on an otherwise unremarkable mining colony. Unbeknownst to the Guardsmen at the time, the jungle world was a rich target for a vast fleet of invading Tyranid organisms hungry for its biomass.

A series of combat actions led to the discovery of the rising Tyranid threat, and the inevitable withdrawal against the full weight of the ravenous tide.

During the fighting, Sigma Company sustained moderate casualties before retreating from the overrun planet. Lieutenant Owers, company second-in-command, was killed during the initial engagements. Sergeant Stubbs valiantly held his position against an advancing swarm of Tyranids while his squad evacuated in a Valkyrie gunship, and was posthumously awarded the Honorifica Imperialis for his actions.

Sergeant Stubbs, H. Imperialis (KIA)
Trooper Gallo
Trooper Boone
Trooper Lucien
Trooper Solar
Trooper Gant
Commissar Kaiser

Later, Stubbs’ squad was re-organized under the command of green replacement Sergeant Kennoch Quin, and were assigned to investigate an asteroid mining facility. Dark Eldar raiders were encountered, and the destruction of the facility was narrowly avoided.

Sergeant Quin
Trooper Gallo
Trooper Boone
Trooper Gant
And Corporal Xanatov, a Stormtrooper attached to the Squad for the purposes of the mission

Now, the squad heads to the hive world of MANUS CENITA to rendezvous with the rest of the regiment, locked in battle with the treasonous dogs of the SEVERAN DOMINATE



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